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NURTW chair promises peaceful 2019 transition

NURTW chair promises peaceful 2019 transition

P resident of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Alhaji Najeem Usman Yasin, has assured members of the union of a successful transition next year.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting in Osogbo, the Osun State capital at the weekend, Yasin promised a successful 2019 delegates conference.

He said the meeting was held to douse tension  among members in the South West zone

Yasin lamented that the union never had any successful transition since its Inception in 1978. He promised that his administration would break the jinx by ensuring a transition that would usher in a new administration.

He said: “ It is unfortunate that our great union has not been able to achieve a successful transition since its inception. Our previous efforts at ensuring transition from one administration to another usually ended up in crisis, but I am assuring you all today that by the special grace of God, this administration will break the jinx by ensuring that we conduct an open and transparent transition that will usher in a new administration in 2019”

Yasin denied that the Presidency had been zoned to the south west. He said: “We have not zoned the presidency to any particular region , what we did was to amend the constitution of the union to ensure that all the six geo-political zones have three slots at the national level. We have not said anything concerning where the presidency will go to”

The chairman attributed the leadership problems facing the union to sit tight attitude of some past leaders.

“Our constitution is very clear about tenure of elected officials. Every elected officer is entitled to two terms of four years making eight years and after that elections must be conducted to bring in new leaders, but in our own case, our people would want to stay in office forever, hence the crisis. But by the special Grace of God , I Najeem Usman Yasin  will not stay a day longer than what the Constitution permits and l have been preparing my hand over notes. I have been parking my property from office. I don’t pray to die in office”


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